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At PURE Payroll, we understand our dual role as a service provider, providing an excellent service for you as a company but equally to the most important part of your business, your candidates…

Pure Payroll offer our recruiters something very unique, something no other UK payroll provider can offer:- http://purepayrolluk.com/unique/

For recruiters...

  • Partner

    We work to support and protect our partners in a safe and ethical manner, knowing that we are equally committed to your candidates as you are, providing dedicated account management for the Agency and Contractor.

  • Protecting you

    As a true employer, no associated risk (HR or Tax) to the Agency as each contractor is employed on a PAYE basis, allowing you the knowledge that all associated employment risks are mitigated.

  • Payroll run daily

    We run daily payrolls with advance facility, allowing contractors to be paid earlier than the industry standard of Friday.  Keeping a happy workforce leads to increased contractor retention.

  • Portable solution

    We offer a Portable Solution advantage– the ability to take from contract to contract enabling Continuous Employment for the Contractor.

  • Incentive schemes

    We like to get to know our partners and encourage incentive schemes within your organisation.

  • Twenty four seven

    We understand that emergencies happen – payments at the weekend and holidays are sometimes necessary.

  • Fully compliant secure

    Fully Compliant AWR provider, RTI compliant payroll, no MSC concerns, comprehensive insurance

  • Simplicity

    We are able to process payments for ALL your candidates, whichever model they choose.   No longer the need to include Limited Companies with your in house supplier payments  – we can simplify your process and complete all of this for you..